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Anthé is first and foremost the singular expertise of Dominique Pequet. A practitioner in evolutionary strategy of organizations and in the development of managerial skills. Ten years later, Anthé is also a team of experts in socio-professional assessment and headhunting.

Dominique PEQUET
Founder - Managing Director
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To understand Anthé, you have to get to know Dominique Pequet. The keys to understanding Anthé are hidden in the background of this professional who is passionate about human interaction.

#01 Field Practice.

Although she has a degree in sociology, Dominique Pequet defines herself first and foremost as a practitioner. It is in the entrepreneurial field that she deploys the extent of her talents. Strategy is of interest to her only in the perspective of its implementation.

Anthé 's expertise is rooted in practice, the result of Dominique Pequet's professional career. She has worked in both the private and public sectors, holding top management positions. The creator of Anthé has learned organizational auditing, HR tricks of the trade, assessment techniques, close collaboration with companies, development and deployment of cross-functional projects... This gives her a 360 degree vision. Through her experiences, she has learned to juggle all aspects: legal, human, financial, union, communication, etc.

#02 Rigor.

Dominique Pequet nevertheless remains a scientist at heart. Her gift for deciphering the human being led her to study sociology. The first quality of a sociologist being to know how to listen and observe, she applies her knowledge to the daily practice of her profession. Her first mission is to seek out objective information, without distorting it. Then the work of analysis begins. A scientific analysis for a rigorous result. The tool and the approach have proven their worth, whether it is to recommend a candidate for a position or to establish the personality traits of a profile. At Anthé, rigor rhymes with ethics, confidentiality and integrity. The firm makes it a point of honor to practice its profession according to the rules of the art.

#03 Independence.

Anthé also values its independence as the apple of its eye. Audits are conducted with complete objectivity. And this is not by chance. The founder of the company has her independence at heart. There is no question of the system trying to constrain her. Passionate about her job and the analysis of interactions between individuals within an organization or a group, Dominique Pequet is also passionate about travel. And when she takes a plane ticket to travel the world, it is also in a state of mind of freedom and independence. She leaves room for intuition, creativity, meeting places, people and their way of life.

#04 Respect.

Educated in non-judgmental values, Anthé's CEO has passed this family heritage on to her team.Anthé 's consultant approaches each interlocutor with the same amount of respect, from the CEO to the operator. In the framework of its coaching missions, Anthé 's priority is to (re-)put the human being at the heart of the company. A rule that the recruitment firm applies to itself. Thus, during anassessment process, the approach must be constructive for all, for the organization and for the individual.

#05 The strength of a team.

Dominique Pequet has surrounded herself with experienced collaborators with whom she shares the passion of the profession. At Anthé, the success of each project, of each mission is the fruit of the synergy between each member of the team.